Trustlight empowers.

Trustlight provides a visual, traffic light based indicator at the top of every email you receive.

Triggers you to take a second look at emails

Seamless integration into normal work flow

Works on every device and mail client

Trustlight helps you find more information
about the context of an email.

More information. Better decisions.

Trustlight provides you with a breakdown of an email's trust score in a human readable format, accessible with a single click.

Empower your decision making with contextual information

Visualise information usually hidden in headers

Harness the power of the crowd.

Trustlight uses a system of crowd sourced trust to help you make better decisions.

Customise your trusted network

Integration with Slack to share knowledge

Enterprise Options.

Live statistics about your company, with instant trust notifications via the Trustlight dashboard.

Visibility of email trust in your team

Respond to incidents instantly

Understand attack patterns and flag emails